2220 Canton Street Lofts

Number of Floors: 5

Number of units: 70

Year Built: 1925

Stemming from the roaring 1920s, the history of 2220 Canton began when The Olive & Meyers Company constructed the building in 1925. Formerly known as The Oliver & Meyers Building, 2220 Canton served as a manufacturing plant until 1958, when it was sold to clothiers Leroy McMullin and Ray Stockton. With this transaction, The Olive & Meyers Company ceased to exist, thus categorically symbolizing the end to the manufacturing era in Dallas and the beginning of the service industry boom. The Olive & Meyes Building played a significant role in contributing to Dallas’ vast history and has instilled cultural influences throughout the community. Because these things, 2220 Canton has been designated a City of Dallas landmark. Westdale purchased the building in 1992 with the intent of creating on of the first lofts in Dallas. Although several developers have constructed new lofts, few compare to the charm of 2220 Canton. Historically, the building has originally solely renters; however, the building is now primarily owner-occupied and in the process of creating its own identity.

Amenities include a roof top pull, Conceirge, fitness center.

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